Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Short note:

Justin Animal Shelter has a new blog up and running !!! See our 4 legged friends in need of adoption !!!!

Way too cool, Suzanne, very nice work !!!

Justin Animal Shelter


The Airechicks said...

Hey Guys:

What a nice "short note"

Wish we could take them ALL - very sweet faces.....

You guys aren't at the lake are you?? You'll get swept away !!!

Mack said...

I agree with the airechicks - I want em ALL!

Crystal is beautiful! I bet she gets adopted soon!

Bye guys!

PKPWV said...

Hi Gus and Louie,

Mom just let me check out the Justin Animal Shelter blog-is that where louie came from? I bet you see lots of heelers in texas!! Mom says she will eventually get another heeler.


Jan said...

You must be associated with them in some way. Good for you! We hope every one gets a good home.

jans funny farm

Gus and Louie said...

Yes jan and velcro, Louie was adopted from the Justin Animal Shelter, he was originally adopted out but return when it was found out he was deaf, his first parents did not think they could handle a deaf dog, so they did the right thing !!!!

and now he is our little terror of joy ...... hahahahahahahahaha