Sunday, January 20, 2008

Louie blogging?

Louie thinks it is great to help Mom doing her blogging. She says he gets in the way most of the time. He likes to lay his head on the keyboard and then the silly machine starts making all kinds of weird noises and spouting out errors... I think he just likes sitting close to Mom trying to get all my attention!!!


Sid the Dog said...

Rocky has tried the same thing with the computer but I think he is just obsessed about getting the latest update on Britney Spears. I myself try not to bother with such sensationalism, but Rocky is young, yet...

-Sid the Dog

Anonymous said...

Oh how I know what you're going through....Rosie is always on my lap when I'm on the computer; I wrap my arms around her in order to reach the keyboard, and she likes to lay her head on it too - you get some amazing typing results don't you. And there's usually at least 1 cat sitting next to or in front of the screen. Rosie and Fritz are here right now, and Gidget just left. It's good to be loved.
Louie's head is a bit bigger than Rosie's tho - more dog to work around. Good luck.....

Maya and Kena said...

Hee heee.... Louie looks so cute!! We can imagine him trying to catch attention!
Have a great day!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

PKPWV said...

Gus and Louie,

Louie looks so cute sitting next to mom-of course he wants to get as close to the keyboard-because mom isn't paying any attention to him...come on mom-it's all about us ACD's!!!!

I wish you could help me herd sheep-it's FUN! I'm going today-hopefully mom will take a picture of those silly sheep. I bark at them and try to get in and nip their heels-mom is trying to train that out of me-but it's the heeler in me! You must have sheep in texas? I know you have cattle-I saw cows in texas when I drove thru in December! maybe I drove past your house?? I bet there is a place you could go herding!! My mom is always trying to get more people herding-I think she likes it almost as much as me....


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ha, ha, ha! Priceless picture. Maybe Louie has something he really needs to say!
My Roxy pup has no hesitation on walking right OVER the keyboard, if I happen to have my laptop actually on my lap. I don't think that's really good for my electronic device, but I haven't checked my user's manual yet to confirm. :-)

Maggie & Mitch said...

Mitch likes climbing up on dad's lap and putting that big snowshoe moose foot on the keyboard! He's popped a couple of keys off and dad didn't look too happy! Careful, Louie!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Bala Thiagarajan said...

Hi Gus and Louie, thanks for stopping by our blog. You guys are cool!
Are you all excited about the Packers game today? We are so ready!
In our house, its Pepper, our Nanday Conure who likes to help mommy with computer stuff and grading and all that. All Amy wants to do is play :)

Owen Gang.

Peanut said...

louie is one smart dog.

PKPWV said...

hey gus and Louie,

I made my mom go to one of her herding sites and pull up texas-don't know if any of these places are near you but it's a start! Then we could talk alot about sheep!!



Red River Cattle Dog Association
Sec-Treas Kenneth Beasley
PO Box 157, Westbrook, TX 75965

Southwest Working Australian Shepherd Assoc.
P. O. Box 3
Waller, TX 77484
(409) 931-9464

Texas Hill Country Stock Dog Association
Ann Dobbs, Secretary/Treasurer
132A Milam Lane
Bastrop, Texas 78602

Texas Sheep Dog Assoc.
Mrs. Francis Raley, Secty./Treas.
2915 Anderson Lane
Crawford, TX 76638
(817) 486-2500

West Texas Stock Dog Assoc.
Orin Barnes, Pres.
Rt. 1, Box 15
Canyon, TX 79015
(806) 655-4021

PKPWV said...

hi gus and louie, I'm making mom send this to your mom-it's the website where she got the herding clubs-it has good info.... have your mom check it out.


4xBs said...

Hi guys, it's always good to help out with the blogging. you never know what those humans are going to type all on their own. they need all the help they can get.


Cassidy said...

Tee hee Louie, me do that too!

Cassidy x

Anonymous said...

I think Louie just loves to help out whereever he can by the sounds of it - what a sweet little guy he is.


Anonymous said...

Louie, you're beginning to grow into your ears. Soon you'll be a handsome DAWG just like Gus.
Love You,

Fay said...

Hi Gus and Louie,

Ed and Patch the Jack Russell Terriers are always happy to help out with the blogging. But Chance the rescue Border collie is best at it. He gets in my lap and hits the keyboard with his paws. He doesn't have a lot to say, but he loves to help. If you would like to see a picture of Ed blogging you can look at

Wags and Slurppy kisses,

Frasier said...

I forgot that I did that too!!!

Mack said...

Gus -
At our house the CAT does the same dern thing while mom is trying to type my post. She's just looking for a warm spot though!

Lacy said...

woofies Gus and Louie, heehee u mama shood let Louie blog sumtime...he wood b good at dont git on da puter, me jus lays on dat couch and sleeps...

b safe,

Arabella said...

Thanks for dropping by guys!! Mom did show me all those cool photos but there are so many of them we've given up on putting them on line until we get home. Oh well.

Sounds like a good idea to me to supervise your mom while she's blogging. Sometimes my mom tries to sneak in things I don't approve of.

Girasol said...

Louie did you try to over Gus's blog?

Agatha and Archie said...

We do the same thing!(or sometimes we get into a little scuffle under the desk!!!) Love A+A

happy said...

Aaww...Louie's just a regular mama's boy, isn't he?

Lorenza said...

Hi, Gus!
I do the same thing and believe me, my mom is not so happy having me there supervising what she is blogging!
Good job Louie!
Kisses and hugs

T-man said...

I tried helping my mom blog too, but it was so hard typing with my paws. I let her do all the work now. I'm not cut out for hard work anyway...

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

I think it has something to do with drool! Our drool ain't goot for the computer!

Hana said...

I think Louie would be the perfect in computer security. He could set peepol's passwords.

Noah the Airedale said...

Hey Louie, you do look very cute sitting there in front of the puter.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hey we have missed some of your photos (rubbish mistress doing other things), but we love the blue one of you. And the bloodhounds.

But if Louie wants to blog, he needs to do it in this own right and learn from his big bro.


Snowball said...

Louie is so helpful. Did he help you to blog too? When is he going to have a blog entry on his own?