Sunday, February 04, 2007

Tot Lot

We went to a place that Dad calls a "Tot Lot" yesterday. They had swings and slides and other climbing things. I enjoyed laying under the slide shaking the frisbee I found at the park. Dad was not to impressed though when I would sling all the wood chips at him. By the time it was time to go I had that "mini" frisbee all tore up into pieces.
Dad would like to go back there again someday when it isn't quite so cold. 40 degrees with a strong wind was not Mom's idea of great park going weather. I really didn't see any problem with it. I have a nice warm coat..


Wis kid said...

Gus tell your mom that 40 is a heat wave, especially if you live in Wis., This time of year!!! Stay warm Gus!!!

Dbythelake said...

I think my little toes would get cold !!!