Friday, February 16, 2007

Still dreaming

I am still dreaming of Summer. It is another cold day in Texas. In was 19 degrees this AM when Mom went to work. She had to scrape the frost off the VW windows.
Dad had the day off for his Birthday tomorrow but it was cold. He did go to a Tot Lot by his work around noon but he didn't take me. I was quite disappointed but tomorrow is another day. Too bad Mom has to work though. I can always hope for Sunday. Maybe it will warm up so we can stay for quite awhile. But until then I will continue to show you what I am dreaming about..


Anonymous said...

Gus, don't be such a wimp!!! Aunt Carrie is going to jump into a Frozen lake tmo lunch time.

Dbythelake said...

Send us some pics, Auntie Carrie, I have never seen a "frozen" lake before !!!