Tuesday, February 13, 2007

4 wheeler path

Hey look at all the trees down this path. Dad took mom and I to the park before we went to the Pet Store. He said it was to run some of the energy out of me. I don't think it worked to well. We sure found a beautiful path to play on though. I enjoyed marking all the trees that I got close to. I am not sure Mom was that impressed though.
It appeared to be a 4 wheeler path. I am sure Grandpa Bum would love riding his 4 wheeler down this path. It came right out on the beach.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gus!
You come to Wisconsin and you can ride in the box on the back of Grandpa Bum's 4 wheeler.

Dbythelake said...

and after the ride I could herd some cats !?!?!