Saturday, February 10, 2007

I went to the PetSmart, Ya

Look at me I got to go to PetSmart today. Home of Smart pets like me. I saw lots of other dogs both big and small. I think I scared a little Bejon. I barked at him and he scrambled to the end of his leash. I am not sure why everyone turned and looked when I barked. I guess I have one of those deep voices that carry through the entire store. I also got to see cats behind glass. I kind of felt sorry for those poor kitties. The sign said SPCA so I guess they were waiting for new parents.
Mom and Dad bought me a new collar. Mom says a pretty blue one, you know blue for a handsome blue heeler like me. You should have seen all the colors they had. Mom was looking at a purple one but I don't think Dad thought that wasn't manly enough for me. They also got me some new bones. I really like raw hide bones...

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