Friday, April 06, 2007

Dad and Me

Mom is off spending time with her mom & dad, so that leaves me stuck with my dad.

He is kind of a softy when it comes to feeding time. He got home an hour early today, so I ran right over and sat by my bowl, wagging my tail the whole time, giving him the old sad eyes I am starved look. And ya know what happened, dad fed me early !!!

Here is a picture of me and dad at the lake, I had found a frisbee, but kept my distance as dad would pretend to ignore me and then try to take my new frisbee.

Licks and nips to mom, love ya and miss you .............

Gus .................

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Anonymous said...

It's 19 degrees out right, I am staying all hunkered down in a blankie this morning....maybe MY mom and dad will take me out for a walk the afternoon. Love, Jazz