Friday, July 27, 2007

Look at my new toy!

Dad found me a new toy yesterday. He walked into the store and asked if they had any blue heeler proof toys. The man said he didn't have any blue heeler tested but, this is what they came up with. I haven't been able to tear it up yet so I guess Dad made a good choice. I brought it up to bed with me last night. I don't think Mom or Dad liked me dropping it on the hardwood floor. I wasn't very quiet!!


Anonymous said...

My mom & dad told me they saw what they thought to be a "younger" Gus, near where Myrna and Bing live. Could there really be another Gus????!! Jazz

Bijoy said...


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Warm Regards from India

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Anonymous said...

Hehehe silly humans probably bought you a non-squeaky toy so they wouldn't have to listen to you playing with it - you sure showed them!!