Thursday, December 14, 2006

Blue Heeler Waiting

Hey look at me. I can do tricks for cookies. I know how to sit, lay down, roll over and stand. I do have one problem though that when there is a cookie in the mix, I do all my tricks in a row knowing the that wonderful cookie is coming. Mom also taught me how to push the button on Sis's Yoshi toy that she got from McDonalds. It only took me about 3 turns to perfect that skill. I have not yet figured out how big brother Toph has deemed me as "Short Bus."


Anonymous said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey Big DAWG!
Memaw is proud of all of your tricks. Have you been a good DAWG? Christmas is coming!!!! Santa is coming to good DAWGS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Gus...Jazzie says riding the "Short Bus" is okay....'cuz dogs are like that. :)