Monday, July 07, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Yepper today is my Birthday and I feel so grown up. Mom doesn't have much planned for me today. Her and Dad had to work. Yuckers I sure wish they could stay home with us all the time. That would be so awesome..

Gus here, It is about time that kid grows up. Maybe he will stop being such a pest now that he is an A-dult!! One can only hope..


Shmoo said...

Happy birthday! I hope you get plenty of frosty paws and oyster crackers.


Maggie & Mitch said...

Happy birthday, Louie! We hope you get some ice cream!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Ruby Bleu said...

Happy Barkday Louie! I hope you get lots of extra lovin' deserve it!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Lola Smiles said...

Happy Barkday Louie baby! Maybe your mom can sneak you to the lake for a quick swim!

luv ya
Lola Smiles

Charlie Daniels said...

G'day Louie

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. From one Red to another .. you are OK buddy.



River said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you get some neat stuff!

love & wags,

Deefor said...

Happy Barkday. How old are you? Here hoping you get to eat all kinds of good stuff.


Kapp pack said...

Happy Barkday from all of us!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

meemsnyc said...

Happy Birthday Louie! We hope you get a yummy birthday cake to enjoy.

Lorenza said...

Happy Birthday Louie!
You are now a big boy!
I hope you had a great day!
Kisses and hugs

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Happy Barkday!

BUT please don't try to unwrap your sister!!

I'm sure woo had a GREAT evening with evFURRYbody!!!


happy said...

Happy birthday Louie! Hope you have a great one with lots of yummy ice cream!

Lacy said...

w00f's Gus and Louie and Callie, hope u has a pawsome barkday Louie....heehee iz u guys being easy wiff callie now??

Southbay Girl said...

Happy Birthday Louie! I sure do hope you had a great birthday! Sorry your mom and dad had to work!!!


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Happy Birthday to you Louie... I hope you get lots of hugs and presents today

~ Girl girl

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Happy Barkday, Louie!

Boy n Baby

BrandytheGreat said...

May you have all you want, plus extra cake and cookies and icecream and everything under the sun!

Mack said...

Now he's all grown up!!

Happy first birthday Louie!!

(Maybe Mom will come home early from work today?!)

Pedro said...

Happy Birthday to Louie and welcome to Callie! I haven't stopped by to visit in awhile and I see alot has been going on. I guess Callie will have to learn sign language too. My human sister Leah won a sign language award at school this year! Nice to see you guys. Hope Callie heals fast so you can all get back to the lake!


Snowball said...

Happy Barkday, Louie.

I hope you get some nice treats from your pawrents.


The Daily Echo said...

Happy Birthday to Woo! Make sure you get cake!

Arabella said...

Happy Birthday!!

Lady Kaos said...

Happy birthday Louie!! I'm 4 years old and still act like a puppy - I take more naps now and I am potty trained though.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Louie!


Girasol said...

Happy Birthday/Feliz CumpleaƱos Louie!!!!
I hope you had a great time with your family.

Chef said...

Happy Birthday to you, Louie. Hope it was a great day! You're a real bigboy now!


Petra said...

Happy Birthday, Louie! My grandma shares your birthday, but she's a little older than you!!

Sparky said...


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Louie,
Happy Birthday to you!

I hope you have a grrrrEAT day!


Liss said...

Happy birthday.

Thor said...

Happy Birthday Louie!


Amber said...

Happy Barkday Louie!!


Two Schnauzers from New England said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Louie! Did you get lots of presents?

Love -

Hershey and Kaci

P.S. Hi to Gus and Callie and the rest of your family.

The Army of Four said...

Happy belated birthday, Louie!
Hey Gus... I don't want to burst your bubble, but Zim is 8-ish and he still hasn't settled down. :)
Tail wags,