Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Yes we have one of these furrbies that have ginsu knives too. Actually we have 2 of them. This is Jordie. Louie and I try to chase him but he has figured out how to stand up to us so he doesn't run he just extends those sharp claws of his and tries to hit us in the nose.. We really don't like this guy but Mom says he is one of the family so we all have to just get along!!


Emma the Golden Girl said...

and the Canine Kids said,
Hi Gus and Louie,
It's nice to meet you and thank you for visiting our blog.
We don't have any cats in our home :( because Mom is afraid they might not stand up to us like Jordie did to you. We think he's pretty cute and looks like he'd make a good buddy.
We would love to add you to our blog roll if it's okay with your Mom.
Woofs to you!

Peanut said...

Hi guys thanks for visiting our blog. We have one of those cats too. I hate him and he hates us and we like it that way. I get in trouble when I bark at him though. Stupid cats.

Sparky said...

Ha, I know how you feel living with a cat. I have to live with 3 of 'em! It's horrible! But I suppose I'll just have to get used to them... one day...


Snowball said...

That kitty isn't too nice to his family too is he? He should just tolerate the being chase. I trust you guys to be only want to play catching with him without causing any harm right? But clawing is bad as its painful and might cause bleeding or even worse injuries.


Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Hi friendzees you got one of thoooose well as long as it doesn't run we're okay but if it does all bet off with teh chase but now that we know it has knives on its paws... hmmm

already barking loud & waggin tails cos we're ready to run!

happy said...

Ginzu knives? where have I heard that from? Keroro? Please enlighten me cos curiosity kills the cat! Oops, a figure of speech, take no offense, kitty!

Noah the Airedale said...

We don't have any cats, well with four dogs it probably wouldn't be a good idea.
We hope Jordie doesn't make contact with your noses.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah, Willow, Tess & Lucy

Maggie & Mitch said...

We don't have any kitties at our house but we've heard all about their sharp claws! Be careful!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said...

Hi Gus and Louie,
Cats...they're the bain of our existence too, and we have 3 of them to deal with. Good luck with yours- they're such pests aren't they, with their claws and thinking they're to superior.
Abby & Rosie

Agatha and Archie said...

Oh dear it is a good thing we dont have one of those in our house. We have to cross the street when we see one coming or TROUBLE!!!!! Love A+A

Asta said...

Hi Gus
Thanks fow witing me...You boys awe vewy handsome!!!
It's so vewy nice to meet new fwiends thwough this cawd exchange...I've nevew met a cat in pawson, but i'm fwiends with sevewal on the bloggie..they've been vewy nice to me and even have me stawwing in a I guess catses awe OK
moochie kisses

Dory and Liza said...

Hey guys -

Cute kitty. I wish I had one- but my human says I can't chew on them so we can't have one.

Thanks for coming by my blog - save us some peanut butter cookies!


Harry said...

Aw, be nice to your kitty sibling. My cat sis died last Friday and I miss her (and her food bowl) a lot!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have now bookmarked yours.

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Lacy said...

woofies Guys, me likies kitty cats...only fang me not like iz when dey rub on me...

b safe,