Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Joey, Louie's brother needs help !!!

This is Joey, Louie's brother, he "WAS" adopted but returned this morning, covered in fleas and diarrhea from another dog.

Justin animal control just emailed me, they have gotten him flea medicine, gave him a bath, cleaned him up and given him some toys for play.

The email said poor: Joey seemed "so sad" that he was returned from what he thought was his "forever" home.

Joey can be found at:



Anonymous said...

Oh that is so sad for poor Joey - humans make me REALLY mad sometimes with the irresponsible way some of them treat us dogs.

I have everything crossed that Joey will find his forever home this time.


Katherine and Pippa, said...

That litter of pups has really had a hard time. I bet Louie is pleased that he has found a fine home and a great brother.


Gus said...

I think some humans should be fixed, river !!! if nothing else make them live in the same conditions poor Joey had to endure !!!

Yes pippa, Louie is one of the lucky ones, but don't worry we have some dedicated ACD rescuers in the area, the word went out last night, emails getting cross posted everywhere so Joey can find a GOOD forever home !!!

Thanks for the kind words,


Lacy said...

woofies gus and louie, me hopes he finds his furever home now, and it b the rights one...bless his little heart....

b safe,