Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm so happy!

I am at the lake and I am so happy. I just like running through the water and chasing the stick. Mom thinks that she will be able to wear me out here but I actually think she is building up my stamina and as you know blue heelers have a tremendous amount of stamina in the first place. Good luck Mom!!


Stanley said...

Hey, Gus!

Good to meet you. I'm Stanley and I heard about you through the awesome blog award polls. You look like my kind of guy! I love the water, I love to roll around and "roach" on my back in the tall grass and the mud!

Come by and see me sometime. You're welcome in GooberStan anytime you can make it.

Mind if I link to your blog?

Your goober bud,

Gus said...

Thank You, Stanley !!!

I would be honored if you link to my blog !!