Thursday, May 03, 2007

Look we are in Ponder

Sunday we went to Ponder to take some pictures. This is the Ranchman's Cafe. They are famous for their home made pies. Grandma and Grampy used to love to go here for home made pies. They have pecan pie which is Grampy's favorite. Mom likes the coconut cream.. Mmmm she says. Dad wouldn't let us go in he didn't think they would like me going in to visit so we had to skip the pie. Maybe next time?


Snooks said...

I LOVE that place. I was going to ask you before if you went in for pie. My favorite would be the blackberry pie with TEXAS iced tea......YUM,YUM!
Thanks for the pic.
Love, Snooks

Gus said...

Mom and Dad wouldn't take me inside, the smells were so enticing !!!